There Is No In-Between For Me

By Lisa P.

I have been thinking about my recent problems. I figure that I can either “practice alcoholism” or “practice sobriety.”  That’s really how I feel about it. Both are actually a technique for coping. And I can make the choice, one way or the other. However, all I have to do is consider the option of do I want to make important decisions while: 1) I am drunk, or 2) I am sober – the choice becomes easy. The fact that I choose to “practice sobriety” all the time is really my business. And making that choice makes me feel empowered.

Have I figured out exactly what I am going to do yet? Nope. But will I do it sober? Yup.

Think about it – do you want to drive a car 1) drunk, or 2) sober? Have conversations with your kids, significant other while you are 1) drunk, or 2) sober?  In light of our friend Bill’s situation, care for an ailing loved one while 1) drunk, or 2) sober?  Live life: 1) drunk, or 2) sober?

Seems so basic, but I always try to look at things in that light, because there is no “in-between” for me. I am either drunk or I am sober. Yes, I was always sober at work, but I lived the life of a drunk. However now, life sober has been far, far better — maybe some rough moments, but in a word, better. And, SO much easier — and since I am basically lazy, “easy” is a good thing!

Thanks all — feels good “saying” it out loud — Lisa