Thirty Days Sober and What Do You Get?

By Jim S.

Thirty days and what did I get?

I found my self-respect, so long lacking.

I found my business again and am enjoying it.

I found people no longer antagonize me.

I found money in my pockets.

I found much, much, more time on my hands.

I found my real friends are still my real friends.

I found my “alcohol abuser” friends are still alcohol abusers.

I found myself jumping out of bed full of enthusiasm.

I found my employees talking to me about important life matters.

I found I’m a very productive person.

I found the beauty of books once again.

I found I’m not nearly as stupid as I look.

I found that not everyone pukes daily.

I found chocolate.

I found dinner to be special with my family.

I found that my wife does/did not hate me … just the booze.

I found my kids really do love their dad in spite of my faults and foibles.

I found I can be there for them.

I found my paranoia was unfounded.

I found poetry.

I found creative writing.

I found how to fix things heretofore impossible.

I found comedy to be funny.

I found the people in my wife’s church are not all hypocrites.

I found Christmas shopping to be a joy rather than a burden.

I found the damn cats like me sober.

I found strength in numbers.

I found happiness and peace.

I found no pink cloud, just honest to goodness sobriety.

I found I need not project nor forecast the future.

I found (from Pigpen in Charlie Brown’s Christmas) “Frankly, I didn’t think I looked this good.”

I found tolerance of others views.

I found I’m not always right.

I found others are not always right either.

I found there are some very good people in this world.

I found there likewise to be a not-so-short supply of evil.

I found I can enjoy life rather than merely survive it.

I found you folks.

I found some great slice of strength you all seem to possess and exhibit.

I found I never announced anniversaries in AA, as I tended to look to the future with the attitude (or maybe I just never “got it”) that most seemed to treat their time “clean” as time “deprived”. I don’t want to fall into that trap again.

You get bit the first time it’s the dogs fault, the second time its your own fault.

Love and friendship to all you fine people.

I don’t think, or maybe I do, that this is the first month of the rest of my life.

Chaos bless, God bless, Buddha bless, Zoroaster bless, Great Spirit bless, oh and lets not forget Jean Dixon!


Posted 12/8/97