To Get To Know Me

By Jennifer S.

<One of the things that came up this week at my counselor’s was the fact that I am trying to get away from myself. – D.>

This came up for me several times. I was told, “The problem with trying to get away from yourself is, no matter where you go, there you are”.

When I realized how true this statement was it was kind of scary. I knew I’d have to deal with me sooner or later. In my case, I would drink or use drugs to escape from my life. Problem was, my life wasn’t what I was trying to get away from. It was me.

And no matter how drunk or high I got I was still there. I was there before I drank, while I was getting drunk, and while I was dealing with the consequences of what I did drunk. No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get rid of myself.

So after years of trying, I decided to get to know me. There’s a lot I don’t like. And I’m working on those things. But there is a lot I love! I never would have known that if I didn’t stop drinking and using.