Woke Up Thankful

By Colleen C.

Hi gang: Well my cousin who lives here in Nashville asked me to go the stock car races last night so she could peruse the sea of blue collar boys and hopefully snake charm one.

I obliged wondering if I would drink. Dumb maybe but… She was a little stunned when I said I didn’t want a beer and boy beer was aplenty, vendors everywhere and everywhere someone with a beer in hand. Nashville is a chain smokin’ drinkin’ town.

She remembers what a fun drunk I was and was clearly disappointed when I didn’t join her. The races in fact were thrilling for about two hours then I got tired of the noise.

If I had been drinking, this natural curve from enjoyment to wanting it to be over would have been replaced with wanting it to go and on so I could drink, not knowing when to leave the damn fair.

Woke up thankful I hadn’t caved in. Bless me.