LifeRing RingUnion Fall 2022

LifeRIng members under a sunbrella

The Fall 2022 LifeRing RingUnion was a great success. This is the fourth RingUnion and the second hybrid meeting for LifeRing members to gather together and be together. The Winter 2023 LifeRing RingUnion is scheduled for Saturday, January 21, 2023. 

LifeRing RingUnion Ringmaster Mark Fussell describes the extravaganza:

On Saturday, October 9th, LifeRing had its sixth quarterly in-person get together in the greater Bay Area, which may have been the largest get together so far... including both in-person and online participants.

ThisRingUnion required a major trek into the Sierra Mountains, so it started out with a hearty breakfast of Bacon and Butter in Sacramento.  In spite of our hunger and the potential struggles summiting the Range of Light, the lack of anyone in our party named Donner or Reed enabled the bacon to be both tasty and benign (to our fellow travelers if not the pigs).

After breakfast we headed out for the twelve-hour hike up into the Sierra foothills, and about forty minutes later we arrived at Kemper’s ‘Fantasy Estate' in our vehicles.  We were greeted by a cockatiel named Mr. Roarke and a cornucopia of food, a luxurious pool-sized jacuzzi, and both hot and cold NA drinks. It was all very, very exotic (check out the giant red sunbrella)!

Over the next six hours we found out our collective fantasies included stories of near-death experiences involving roofs, tours of ancient automotive technology, and discussions about LifeRing and what our community means to each of us.

The weather, food, venue and company were par excellence.  I hope even more people will attend the next one, which should be about January 21st (signup details).