Another Myth Debunked: The French Don’t Handle Alcohol Any Better Than Other People

Steve S., a member of the LifeRing board of directors, pointed out in a comment on this blog the other day that the idea that Europeans — and particularly the French — deal with alcohol better than Americans is simply not true. He wrote: “France has one of the world’s highest rates of cirrhosis of the liver. The myth of moderate, wine-drinking Mediterranean peoples is largely just that – a myth.” NPR ran a story today that backed that up. The common French practice of allowing, and even encouraging, children to have wine with meals, thought to teach a healthy and balanced view of drinking, instead leads to those children developing alcohol-related problems later in life. Read or listen to the report HERE



  1. Steve S on December 16, 2011 at 12:31 am

    Interesting, Craig. I made the comment even before knowing, per the link, that teen drinking, and teen binge drinking, were on the rise in France.

    To coin an unoriginal phrase, without diacritical marks, plus ca change, eh?