Are There Gender Differences in Alcoholism?

Could it be that alcohol affects women differently than men? If so, what implications does that have for treatment? That’s the issue discussed in a recent Scientific American article.

It starts out: “Alcohol abuse does its neurological damage more quickly in women than in men, new research suggests. The finding adds to a growing body of evidence that is prompting researchers to consider whether the time is ripe for single-gender treatment programs for alcohol-dependent women and men.

It goes on to state: “Over the past few decades scientists have observed a narrowing of the gender gap in alcohol dependence. In the 1980s the ratio of male to female alcohol dependence stood at roughly five males for every female, according to figures compiled by Shelly Greenfield, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. By 2002 the “dependence difference” had dropped to about 2.5 men for every woman. But although the gender gap in dependence may be closing, differences in the ways men and women respond to alcohol are emerging.

See the entire article HERE


  1. Hey There Craig W,
    Thanks, on a related note, I was thinking about hitting the glass ceiling the other day. Not because I live in an architecturally bizarre house! It’s because I came across an article about the gender differences in business, called “Don’t Fret. Just Ask for What You Need.,” by Peggy Klaus.