California Recoverin’ at Café Tropical

Café Tropical is LifeRing's first in-person meeting in Los Angeles. This meeting began in March 2018 and is still going strong!


LifeRing's first meeting in Los Angeles, which started in March 2018, has returned to meeting in person at Café Tropical, 2900 W. Sunset Bl., in the beautiful Silver Lake neighborhood, just east of Hollywood.   

Café Tropical has been a fixture of the local recovery community through successive owners for many years, offering peer-support meetings of all kinds in a separate, dedicated meeting room.  Current owner Daniel Navarro has been especially supportive, moving the meeting room to a larger, airier, newly decorated room in the building.

The meeting is every Saturday from 1:30 to 2:30pm in the Community Room at the south end of the building.  It follows the How Was Your Week format, and has literature available.  The café's only house rule is: no outside food or drink!  However, the café offers authentic Cuban sandwiches, pastries, and coffee, all of which are highly recommended.  There is street parking only, but attendees have had no problem finding a spot within a block or so.

My hopes for the meeting are to grow LifeRing's presence in Los Angeles.  We are something of a latecomer to the area, and still overshadowed by other groups which do not offer LifeRing's unique brand of positive, secular, self-directed support.  Get the word out, and bring yourself and a friend down to Café Tropical!


Chris Smith convenes Café Tropical, volunteers on several LifeRing Committees and serves on the LifeRing Board of Directors.  Interesting tidbits -- Chris enjoys Wagnerian opera and was recently gifted with a Shetland pony named Dumpling. 


  1. Chris S. on November 13, 2021 at 3:20 pm

    I am delighted to report that we had a new visitor today, thanks to this blog post! Thank you for helping us grow our Los Angeles LifeRing community!