Disaddicted: A recovery meeting for those with disabilities 

Image of man enjoying LifeRing recovery meeting for those with diabilities.

LifeRing is proud to support those in recovery with disabilities. We now offer a new focus meeting for this community of recovery-forward people — Disaddicted. This is a LifeRing focus meeting held weekly on Tuesdays at 7:00pm Pacific.

    Disaddicted: A recovery meeting for those with disabilities
     Meeting is open to all
     Tuesdays at 7:00pm Pacific Time

Disaddicted is the brilliant idea of LifeRing Community member Jenni. In this introduction, Jenni shares personal history, inspirations, and goals for this new LifeRing focus meeting.

Happy One Year Soberversary, Jenni!!

Hi, I’m Jenni, your friendly Oklahomie! You’ll often see Evey the Italian Greyhound making a cameo on meetings with me. I collect playing cards and jumbo scrunchies, and I’m a novice metal detectorist. January 27, 2023 marks one year sober for me!

I found out about LifeRing in January 2022 after googling for secular alternatives to traditional twelve-step programs. I attended the Sunday LGBTQ+ meeting, and I’ve been an active member of LifeRing since. I then began covering two weekly meetings for a few months before starting Disaddicted in December 2022.

Disaddicted is a meeting available to those who have a disability. I wanted to start this meeting because I have a disabling condition requiring occasional use of a rollator or wheelchair, which was negatively impacted by my alcoholism. Some people with disabilities also use substances as a coping mechanism to live with a condition.

I hope with Disaddicted, those with disabilities know they have a home where we can discuss our intersectional struggles, or vent to people who understand. I’m especially grateful to have an online platform for this meeting, as it can be difficult for many members of the disabled community to attend in-person recovery meetings.

You don’t have to qualify your disability, or even disclose you have one. Your disability may be physical, developmental, behavioral/emotional, invisible, and more – all are welcome. But, you’re not required to have a disability to join this meeting either! It is open to anyone who needs recovery support.

Hope to see you Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Pacific!

(If you’re interested in attending this online meeting and have an accessibility concern, please let me know so we can find a solution for you. I hope to make this meeting truly accessible to all.)

Disaddicted: A recovery meeting for those with disabilities
Meeting is open to all
Tuesdays | 7:00pm Pacific Time
Zoom Meeting ID: 921 4287 9313 | Passcode: lifering

LifeRing is currently recruiting new convenors and co-convenors to support our growing recovery community. You can learn more about the requirements and the rewards of being a LifeRing convenor on the LifeRing Start a Meeting webpage. Other ways you can support LifeRing are listed on our Engagement Opportunities webpage.