Season of Volunteering

Put your wallet away and grab your calendar!

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The Season of Giving isn't just about financial gifts, it's also about giving back. Read Karl's story about why he volunteers to support our LifeRing Community.



If I had money to spare, I'd donate to LifeRing for sure, but as an older retired gent living on Social Security, that can be a bit tough, especially lately... so I donate my time instead. I came to LifeRing with absolutely zero self-confidence or self-esteem, and found a community of the most caring and supportive people I have encountered anywhere in my nearly 70 years.

It is through this community of people, through LifeRing, that I was finally able to come out from behind my many masks and start being who I genuinely am, instead of forever acting a role that had to be constantly invented on the fly. I wondered why I felt so isolated, so alone, and it finally dawned on me that in hiding behind masks and acting roles, I was never once genuinely connecting with anyone. That all changed when I found LifeRing. Not overnight, but over time (and not really very much of it), I felt safe enough here to finally open up and dare to be vulnerable. It's proven to be the best decision I ever made.

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It's only been through giving of my time where I could, primarily through the email support groups and convening an online meeting, that I've learned bone-deep that giving truly is better than receiving. It helps not only those I directly help, but it helps me in ways that over twenty years of professional therapy have been unable to do. And, it supports the organization that made all of this possible for me: LifeRing.

I now have a degree of self-confidence and self-worth that I spent most of my life totally lacking. In short, I came here prepared to take... so it seems entirely reasonable that I should be at least as ready to give back. It costs me little, really, and it gives back so very much!

— Karl H.
LifeRing New Generation
LifeRing Volunteer, Convenor, and eGroup Moderator


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