Feedback Form

Your feedback is important to us

Please tell us about your experience or submit your ideas for improvement. LifeRing is always looking to build on and improve the delivery of our message. Hearing from you actually helps us achieve just that.

The goal of this policy is to ensure that all feedback, compliments and complaints, either written or verbal, are handled in a consistent manner and that further complaint incidents are mitigated and where possible, prevented.

The first step is to complete the online LifeRing Secular Recovery Feedback Form with as much information about the issue as possible.


This is what we will do with your feedback

Whenever a person has cause to complain, the complaint will be investigated by a LifeRing leader. A record will be made of the nature of the complaint and the details involved to improve our services and reduce the occurrence of similar complaints.

You and those involved or impacted by the concern will be notified of the progress in a prioritized manner. All information contained within a complaint will be kept confidential and will only be disclosed if required by law or other appropriate circumstances.

See also the LifeRing Conflict Resolution & Complaints Policy.


How we’ll communicate

Once your complaint is being investigated, you will receive the name and contact information of the LifeRing leader who is handling your concern. You may reach out to that person directly or you may always contact the Service Center at until the situation is resolved.