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Share Your Story!

Share Your Story!

Our most recent book, Humanly Possible, published  in 2019, is filled with stories written by people who have recovered from addiction in a secular way. Some of the stories are up to 5000 words long and go into great detail about the personal history of their authors. 

It has been suggested that we should publish a second volume - this time with mini stories - that could easily be read in a few minutes. Stories of this size could accommodate the needs of people who have a short time for reading, but can nonetheless be inspired by learning about other people's experience in secular recovery.

I would like to suggest that authors of these mini stories focus on the  turning point in their stories: that  moment when there was a change of direction in their paths — from addiction to recovery. Here's an example of a story shared about a person's secular recovery turning point. If you have a story about a time in your recovery that is important to you, we want to read it!

To  make a book-sized collection, we will need at least 150 stories of one or two pages each: between 250 and 300 words per page or however many words capture your story!

Please reach out with your stories or questions to:
Kathleen G., Editor
We look forward to hearing your story!