Give the Gift of Hope

Happy Family Members

Let me introduce you to my family. They’ve been with me since I first stumbled over the front steps and crawled up to my room at 15 through the day I told them I was quitting some 35 years later.

The shock on their faces was almost the same both times. “What can this be? Is this really happening?” Almost the same, but not quite. Their original expressions of surprise now shined with hope.

You can give the gift of hope to other families with loved-ones in recovery by making a one-time or monthly donation:

happy family of person in substance use recovery

I’ve been sober for almost 3 years. As my confidence has grown, my family’s hope has also grown. You don’t have to look closely to see their pride. They finally believe in me again. And that is a priceless gift for all!

I fostered my own hope for recovery in a LifeRing Saturday Chatroom with a group of supportive, strong peers – some with more sober time under their belts and others like me, just weaned off the bottle. Us young'uns shared our challenges, built our own tool boxes and leaned on the experiences of those with more. We all shared a common goal and a common hope: Recovery.

I was lucky to find LifeRing. Your donation will help us reach more people searching for self-empowerment through peer-to-peer recovery support. That’s some serious gifting, my friends!

Thank you from my family and from all of us who live in hope of recovery,

LifeRing Community Member, 2019