Growing with LifeRing

Ficus Tree in front of LifeRing It Wasn’t Always Like This

A Journey of Flourishing Growth 

Shortly after I first started down the road of my recovery journey, I came across a sad, scrawny ficus seedling struggling to stay upright propped in a corner of Grocery Outlet amid its thriving siblings. I thought, “Little Tree, I know just how you feel.” 

I finished my shopping and, on the way out, saw the little tree again. I asked the security guard whether it was for sale. He snorted and said they’d probably give it to me if I asked. Ask I did and after a quick exchange of a crumpled $20, Little Tree and I headed home.

There’s no magic to bringing a plant back to robust health. It just needs patience, support, and the proper environment to encourage growth.

Little Tree found a friend and the southern window of a city cottage. I found LifeRing and the profound influence of community. Together, our tale epitomizes the unwavering strength and resiliency of the spirit and the transformative force of communal support.

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 The first few months were touch and go. Without the positive support and encouragement I found in LifeRing, I may not have gained the confidence to straighten up and reach for the sun. My story is not unique. I invite you to join any LifeRing meeting where you will hear endless stories of struggles and success.

Little Tree is a fitting representative of my journey toward healing and growth. Just as a sapling needs nurturing, care, and support to flourish, individuals battling addiction require the same sort of love, compassion, and understanding.

 Patience is key in both the growth of a tree and the recovery process. As the seedling continues to grow, it starts to bear leaves, offering shade and shelter to those seeking refuge. Similarly, individuals in recovery become beacons of hope, inspiring others with their stories of triumph over adversity. They become pillars of support in their communities, offering understanding, experience, and empathy to those who are still struggling to find their own paths.

Your donation of $20 or more ensures that LifeRing has the funding needed to keep providing our nourishing, transforming environment so critical to those seeking substance use support. From online meetings to in-person meetings, from eGroups to ePals, your donation brings recovery to over 3,000 people every week. Please help us spread out our roots to reach even more people who will be empowered within our unique, positive support community.


image of leaf against LifeRing

One Leaf at a Time

Today's blogger has been with LifeRing all the way since April 2019. They support the growth of others in recovery as a LifeRing convenor, collaborator, and recurring donor. You can, too.