Here’s What I Found under the Seat Cushions!

The LifeRing Secular Recovery Community is making a huge impact on this year’s fundraising efforts. If you have already made a donation, thank you! You’re Amazing!

If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, we understand. But we’ll keep the lights on for you and hope you can donate today. Think of it as your own personal endowment!

As our community grows, so does our need for additional funding. Your donations are earmarked for LifeRing meetings, maintenance, and outreach for people in recovery, just like yourself. Your Season of Giving donation supports self-help recovery within the unique and non-judgmental environment offered by LifeRing Secular Recovery.

  • $10 Covers the shipping cost of training materials for each new convenor.
  • $14 Offsets the cost of one online Zoom meeting for a month.
  • $45 Provides books and pamphlets for an incarcerated individual in recovery.
  • $50 Is needed to purchase onboarding materials for one new convenor.
  • $100 Buys one community outreach package to inform others about LifeRing as a secular option for recovery.

We still have matching funds available, so you can double your impact with your donation!

This is all about you,  When someone finds help through LifeRing, it’s because of your generosity. You helped someone find hope and support through LifeRing. Look at you!

Thank you for being with us all the way.

Join the LifeRing donating community today and have your donation matched!