The Kidney Klatch

Image of Kidneys represening LifeRing's new recovery meeting: The Kidney Klatch

LifeRing is proud to introduce The Kidney Klatch, our new focus meeting for people in recovery with related medical conditions. Convened by Mark Fussell, this unique meeting will be rich with supportive crosstalk.

The Kidney Klatch offers a space for people to join others and openly share their fears, experiences, and future goals. We speak a language unique among those undergoing treatments and surgeries. Here, we don't offer medical advice and we’re not medical doctors, but we sure know a lot of ‘em!

In convenor Mark’s own words:

The Kidney Klatch is a How-Was-Your-Week meeting but is insanely early (partially for anyone awake and bored at their ‘resort') and will support medically-related topics (Liver, Kidney, etc.) as desired, similar to “The Liver Spot” meeting.  But no one at this meeting is your doctor, so please contact your providers for medical recommendations.

I stayed at a lovely resort at 500 Pasteur Drive in Stanford, California… and (kind of) wrote about it and subsequent adventures at <>.  I’ve been sober for over 18 months, part of LifeRing for more than a year, and alive [maybe] for a bit longer than that.

The Kidney Klatch meeting is held on Saturdays from 6:00am to 7:00am Pacific Time and is open to all, regardless of your medical condition.

For many, sharing during The Kidney Klatch is one way we reassure ourselves that we are all in this together, and we will see another day.


The Kidney Klatch
is a LifeRing focus meeting built on the HWYW platform and tailored to folks in SUD recovery with health issues resulting from substance use disorders.

The Kidney Klatch is not limited to people with medical conditions—our meeting is open to all.  We don't offer medical advice – We share our personal experiences.

Saturdays, 6:00am to 7:00am Pacific Time

The Kidney Klatch | Zoom Meeting ID: 9803 715 3571 • Passcode: lifering