The Gift of Kindness

Words of inspirations: Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle.

I cannot claim to remember Christmas Eve last year. At least not with any genuine clarity thanks to my problem with drinking.

This holiday season is a different story. I am present to embrace every sparkling moment. I finally admitted that alcohol was not my friend and looked for support. I found that support through the kindness of LifeRing and the amazing people also on a recovery journey.

You can give the gift of kindness to people like me who count on LifeRing to be there for support and understanding by making a one-time or monthly donation:

Donation box: I have a  in my pocket. Here you


Everyone struggles. The lucky ones find a group that lessens the weight of those struggles. LifeRing has been that group for me. The kindness that you, *|FNAME|*, can give by donating to LifeRing is a gift that will resonate through the lives of many; the ones who need a soft and accepting place to land as they recover from addiction.

Your donation will help LifeRing pay your generosity forward by reaching other people hoping for relief from their struggles through peer-to-peer recovery support. That’s giving the gift of genuine kindness!

Thank you for caring!
LifeRing Community Member, 2021