LifeRing Embraces Personal Worldviews

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LifeRing First Generation Pioneer and former LifeRing Executive Director Kathleen G. shares her story of how she found community within our unique secular recovery program. 



I got sober in 1981, a time when the only world that existed for an “alcoholic” who wanted to free herself from drinking required turning her will and her life over to a supernatural “Higher Power.” Through the Eighties and Nineties, I struggled over and over to believe that there could be such a world. I was told that being an “alcoholic” made this weird submission necessary. I lived sober through the following 25 years, making friends with other sober people, learning and growing, but always in despair because my worldview could not be supported in the only sober world I could find.

In the early 2000s, I found an excellent book in the public library by Jim Christopher that revealed that I was not alone. I was relieved beyond measure. This book led me to what is now LifeRing.

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I donate to LifeRing because it offers the secular support I need for my continuing sobriety. In LifeRing, I am not required to do anything that contradicts my worldview.

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LifeRing is free for members who are not in a position to contribute financially – no one is turned away from a meeting because they are unable to donate. But I am fortunate enough to be able to contribute, so I see donating to LifeRing as a responsibility. To be relieved of the feeling of aloneness in my sobriety is worth a lot to me.


— Kathleen G.
LifeRing First Generation
Former LifeRing Executive Director
LifeRing Colorado Regional Representative


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