LifeRing Opens in Oregon!

Image of road toward Mount Hood representing LifeRing In-Person meeting in OregonGreat News! The Great Northwest is Reopening!

LifeRing is excited to announce that LifeRing opened a new in-person meeting in Hood River, Oregon. This is our first in-person meeting in the Great Northwest since closes due to the pandemic.  Convenor Dan S.  is bringing the LifeRing magic to his hometown of Hood River – and maybe a pizza or two!

LifeRing Hood River, OR Meeting | 2010 Sterling Place, Hood River, OR  97031
Mondays at 6:00pm | Meeting open to everyone
Contact Daniel S. | for more information

About Dan

My name is Daniel, and I've started a new HWYW in-person meeting in my little hometown of Hood River, Oregon. I've lived here much of my life, and although I've lived many other places, this slice of heaven always called me back. I've had many careers; a restaurateur, land surveyor, and today I am an orchardist by day and a vampire by night. Don't judge, sometimes the harvest isn't that good!

In all seriousness, I'm 57, working harder than I ever have, so I'm snoozing at night!

Throughout all of this, I've been an addict, sober now for 14 months. This journey, filled with 12-Step meetings, one-on-ones with mental health and drug counselors, and of course LifeRing online meetings, has allowed me to remain sober today. What I realized though, is that there is power in the rooms, but essentially no in-person meetings. That feeling I got by attending, and the attraction of the LifeRing model made it a no-brainer for me to start one.

I've heard a lot in my journey that people are looking for something different, and I am one of those folks. I'm ready for the next level in my recovery, and giving back by sharing what's worked for me with LifeRing is my way of leveling-up! I hope to fill the room by providing a comfortable, relaxed space for the newcomers or anyone looking for an alternative to the norm. If that doesn't work, I'll bring pizza. Everyone loves pizza.

Nice to meet you all!

Dan :)


LifeRing In Hood River, OR Meeting | 2010 Sterling Place, Hood River, OR  97031

Hood River Valley Adult Center | Board Room
Mondays at 6:00pm , Hayward, California 94545
Contact Dan for more information:
Map to LifeRing In-Person Meeting in Hood River, Oregon


Please help Dan support those with substance use challenges with your one-time or sustaining donations. Thank you!