Local Meetings Deep Dive

Image of LifeRing Deep Dive into LifeRing in-person meetingsSummer is in full swing and we’re starting to see LifeRing in-person recovery meetings opening again!  We’ve opened and reopened 44 in-person meetings worldwide since the beginning of the year. Our latest is held in Edinburgh, Scotland!

Your tax-deductible donation will help LifeRing reach people who thrive in immersive, local recovery communities.

Get Out of the House and Into a Meeting!
You can help start a new LifeRing In-Person Meeting! Your donation of $50 will help fund the cost needed to get a new local meeting up and running.

Donation Box to support LifeRing Local Addiction Meetings

After three years of lockdown, LifeRing participants are eager to get together to support one another. In-person meeting donations will start trickling back in, but we’re still struggling with the 3-year absence of weekly in-person contributions.

LifeRing needs you to help people in recovery develop local support communities
In-person meetings offer a unique opportunity for people in recovery to experience peer-to-peer support within their own neighborhoods and with their own neighbors. Local community comradery fosters deep accountability and reinforces a person’s desire to stay on their personal recovery path.

Here’s how you can fund a new LifeRing Local Meeting:
Unlike online meetings, in-person meetings are supported by analog handbooks, brochures, physical gathering space and meeting room signage. All of these items require funding.

Your generous contribution will fund a new LifeRing in-person meeting! For each new in-person meeting, the convenor is equipped with an in-person meeting convenor starter kit at a cost of $50. This kit includes:

  • LifeRing Press Books
  • LifeRing Introductory Brochures
  • LifeRing Meeting Stamps for Unique Location Place Information
  • Directional Signs

Image of Box for donations to support LifeRing addiction recovery in-person meetings

And you can track out growth! Just go to the In-Person Meetings page and the International Meetings page on the LifeRing.org website.

Map of LifeRing In-person recovery meetings

Your Donation Makes a Big Difference!
LifeRing is a volunteer-run organization and is highly dependent on personal contributions from generous donors like you. Please show your support for the LifeRing Local Community with a donation using your credit card, PayPal, or direct deposit.

No money? No problem! We have many other ways to contribute to LifeRing. Check out our new LifeRing Engagement Opportunities webpage for areas in need of your help.


LifeRing Secular Recovery is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, EIN 94-3267919. All contributions are tax-deductible. No goods or services will be provided in exchange for the contribution.


Help us help others. Your donations support the growth of peer-to-peer support local recovery communities. Thank you!

For other ways you can contribute to LifeRing, please consider being a LifeRing Convenor or a LifeRing Volunteer or the LifeRing Executive Director.