LSRLife eGroup

LifeRing introduces our newest eGroup. This email-based social community is a space for LifeRingers to share about themselves and “just talk” with other LifeRing Community Members. This is an informal, opt-on message board for anyone who’s got something to say. Current topics include pets, holiday recipes, and camping mishaps. Join in today!

LifeRing LSRLife eGroup Moderator Karl H. shares his vision for the LSRLife eGroup:

LSRLife is LifeRing's newest addition to our email support group lineup. It's a bit different from the other email groups; generally speaking, those are fairly narrowly focused on either getting sober, or staying that way.  Some are more tightly focused on areas of special interest as they apply to recovery, such as the Women Empowered group, the LGBTQIA+ group, and the "dual-recovery" group where those of us who have issues in addition to "just" addiction can openly talk about those issues.  As a rule, there's not a lot of "chit-chat" about topics that stray very far from the issue of sobriety or the core focus of those specialty groups.

LSRLife, on the other hand, is intended to be less tightly focused on sobriety; more of a social group where we have the chance to "just talk" as we would in the time either before a meeting starts, or after one wraps up... the so-called "meeting before (or after) the meeting."  The focus is on life and living it in a broader sense rather than being confined to a single aspect of life, such as sobriety.  "Sober talk" is *always* welcome, of course, but here is where we can stray a bit further afield than might be appropriate in the other groups, or in a meeting.

Got a favorite recipe?  Share it here!  Want to talk hobbies, or pets, or movies?  This would be the place!  If those interests can be tied in to sobriety in some way, all the better, but they don't necessarily have to do so.

Having said that, though, this is no more an "anything goes" forum tha any of the other groups or meetings are; we still avoid polarizing or divisive issues, such as "the usual suspects" of politics and religion, and also other divisive issues that see a lot of air-time these days. This isn't the place to start arguments over one issue or another; we're all here to support each other, after all!

So, why not pull up a chair and join us in the conversation today?

You can subscribe and find out more about LSRLife on the LifeRing Other eGroups are listed on the LifeRing Email Groups webpage.