Paths That Lead to Recovery

I love hearing how people recover!


Illustration of people in directions of addiction recoveryFinding a group or groups to relate with encourages commitment and accountability – which in turn, empowers sobriety. LifeRing supports all pathways to recovery. 



In the early days on my path to recovery, I remember thinking, this highly detailed plan, all this structure works for everyone else. Why doesn’t it seem to work for me? I thought I was committed to changing my behavior and thus my life. Every day I said I was. Yet, every time the daily conflicts felt too difficult so I gave in to drinking to deal with them.

          Was there a pathway for me?

          If there was one, why couldn’t I find it?

Often the path was too daunting. How could I get through without my dear friend alcohol? What would ease my pain so I could show up and attempt to do my job and meet everyone’s high expectations of me?

As a child and young person, I was told that if I did everything right my path would unfold in a peaceful way. Remember that ‘happily ever after’ story. Why was my path so rocky? It did not appear that my choices were that far off from those others made.

LifeRing Quotation Marks

Why didn't it seem to work for me?

LifeRing Quotations Marks

When I heard about LifeRing Secular Recovery, I thought, that has a nice ring to it. Perhaps I should try it. What was different?

          They didn’t judge me.

          They listened.

          They said I didn’t have to believe in a power other than my own.

They offered usable examples of small shifts they had made in their own behavior that mattered in shifting their life's path.


— Lorraine H.
LifeRing Advocate, Convenor, and Board Member

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