Rebuilding Trust

Lego present representing building trust through LifeRing recovery supportThe bricks are smaller now

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of building, more accurately, assisting my grandson in building Lego Star Wars helmets. That would not have been possible without the life-changing effects of active and sustained recovery. Long-term recovery made possible for me by LifeRing Secular Recovery.

Much of my brain-addled drinking erased or at least blurred the early memories with my grandson. However, somehow I recall him playing with a Lego farm set when he was three years old on the morning we were getting ready for him to go home after spending the night. I asked him to help put his Legos and his clothes in his little blue suitcase. Instead, he dumped out everything that was already in the suitcase. I had been trying so hard not to drink while he stayed with me but that was it. I got the bottle out of the freezer as I expected preparations to leave to take some time.

Hours later that evening, I woke up on the hard bench of a shared holding cell in a county jail. Turns out I got my grandson home safely but not without blackout drinking/driving and then passing out at the dollar store near his home where he insisted we stop.

It takes years to rebuild lost trust. Trust that was squandered in the space of an afternoon. Especially trust lost with your child who is now a parent. I treasure every single moment I get to spend with my grandson now. I hope to never put him at risk as I did that day years ago. One thing is certain, Lego bricks for growing pre-teens are about 1/16 the size of toddler farm bricks.

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Check out Captain Rex and Commander Cody!

Lego Star Wars Helmets representing rebuilding trust with LifeRing Secular Recovery