Recovery and Mindful Eating

LifeRing is proud to announce our first special recovery meeting for people who also struggle with eating disorders.

Bringing LifeRing to People in Recovery who also struggle with Eating Disorders

LifeRing is proud to announce our first special recovery meeting for people who also struggle with eating disorders:

Tuesdays at 11:00am Pacific Time
Zoom Meeting Link   ●  Meeting ID:  920 2549 7153   ●  Passcode:  lifering  

Sheika is an in-person convenor in Boulder, Colorado who is branching out into LifeRing online meetings. This is her first online meeting and LifeRing's first Recovery and Eating Disorders special meeting.


It is my intention to give people a safe place to come and 

  1. share their recovery from drugs/alcohol 
  2. share their struggles with food. 

This is not a diet club, I am not a registered counselor. But, I do have lots of experience with the challenges that come with recovery from both issues. Plus the holidays are practically here!  We need support!! I am here to listen, not give advice!!  I can certainly share what works for me...and what does not. I want to hear from others what is working for them, too!!  I want to start off each week with one small goal. Each person is different, so each person's goal will be their own.  At every meeting I want to hear the successes of each person's week, and how we can help if there were struggles.  

Myself...I am a veteran, Honorably discharged after a near fatal car accident on the Autobahn in Germany in 1989. The head injury I sustained changed my life and my career. I got into drugs and alcohol ... for a long time. After treatment centers, prison, and more treatment centers, I finally had my last using spree. I found out about LifeRing in Detox at Centennial Peaks Hospital in Colorado. From then on I only came to LifeRing meetings, I liked the open format of discussion, I liked that I did not have to figure out the why of it all.  I kept coming to meetings, but my eating disorder lived on. Over the years I've discovered some really helpful ways to overcome my eating disorder, and I want to share them with others.             

I live in Boulder Colorado...I love to be outside on my E bike!  I love LifeRing and I just want to celebrate recovery!!     

I hope I get the chance to connect with some really nice people!!                  




  1. SHEIKA k ANDERSEN on November 22, 2021 at 1:56 pm

    Fabulous!!! This is my truth, and is written exactly how I mean to come across. Thank you