For recovery to work, people need choice.

Image of three doors one open. "Open the door to recovery choice." LifeRing Secular Recovery

“ My IOP program is still heavily NA/AA formatted. They ask me every week if I have a sponsor. I tell them LifeRing doesn’t do official sponsors, but I have accountability peers in 3 different groups there! " 
- Ashley, 155 days sober

Ashley has recently joined the LifeRing Community. Like many others in programs requiring active recovery meeting attendance, Ashley was handed a list of numerous recovery groups to consider. LifeRing Secular Recovery was tucked away near the bottom of alternative recovery choices.

I reached out to other groups on the list and got no feedback or replies, but then I reached out to Lifering – and LifeRing reached back! Someone from the email groups reached out to me immediately, which is what I really needed to find some comfort in starting with my first meeting.

Since that day, Ashley has been a regular contributor in a variety of LifeRing peer-to-peer support meetings. LifeRing seems to be the right choice for Ashley’s recovery journey.

Will you help us bring LifeRing to others?

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It is our mission to ensure people like Ashley are made aware that the LifeRing support network is a strong recovery choice.

Your tax-deductible gift will support new member outreach efforts to introduce LifeRing to health professionals, local communities, and people in need of a nonjudgmental, peer-to-peer recovery pathway.

With your help, we can raise LifeRing to the top of that list! We may not be the first recovery choice that comes to mind – but for many of us, LifeRing really is the best choice.