September is Recovery Month!

LSR is the abbreviation we're known by: L is for LifeRing, S is for Secular, and R is for Recovery. It's the R we're celebrating throughout this month in the U.S. as part of National Recovery Month. Since also we're an international organization that encourages crafting one's own recovery program, we'll quite happily drop the "National" bit and sound the Recovery horn for everyone everywhere who wants to recover, is in the midst of recovering, or has recovered from addiction.
It's a month to focus on the R being who we are, what we're about, and what we do to share our corner of the recovery community with the world. It's a month to participate in recovery-related events, curate information from multiple resources, and offer hope, inspiration, and encouragement to those who need it.
Check out the following links to see what's happening this month in your community if you live in the U.S. and online even if you don't:
You'll see more from us here, as well. In the meantime, wishing all of you all the best!
🙂 Bobbi C.