For recovery to work, people must be empowered

People in LifeRing Secular Recovery celebrating their recovery empowerment

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.”

 Alice Walker

Before discovering LifeRing Secular Recovery, I wondered why traditional recovery plans required sober-seeking individuals to admit they are powerless. Even the strict religion of my youth touted owning my choices because I made them, regardless of whether the outcomes of those choices were positive or negative. So why would I need a power outside myself to choose not to drink when I had never relied on an external power to make the decisions to drink too much in the first place? 

Empowerment is a lot like autonomy. A person who uses autonomy is in control of the important things that affect them. Being with other empowered individuals at LifeRing meetings is truly invigorating.


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The LifeRing 3-S philosophy helped me realize that I could empower my sober self. Maybe it was finally being ready to change or perhaps the right message came at the right time. Either way, it was like flipping a switch that turned powerlessness off, while turning empowerment on. The connections I’ve made through LifeRing keeps that current flowing. 

Now I choose empowerment over powerlessness every day of the year. 


LifeRing member since 2013