UFAM Addition Rally and Advocacy Day

LifeRing Special Settings Convenor Josh joins the 5th Annual Rally and Advocacy Day hosted by United to Face Addition at the State Capitol in Lansing, MI.

Graphic for LifeRing Blog about UFAM Addiction Rally and Advocacy Day in MichiganUFAM hosts the 5th Annual Rally and Advocacy Day on Thursday, May 19th at the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. This in-person meetup was a great way to bring our cause directly to State lawmakers and served as an excellent opportunity to meet those in recovery as well as those who try to help us achieve our goals. Special Settings Convenor Josh D. was there to represent LifeRing and to mingle with the 217 crew!

The UFAM Michigan Rally is a great opportunity for those in Michigan to be heard! The UFAM Rally creates Strength in Unity to eliminate stigma, highlight improved access to treatment, support prevention, and promote recovery from addiction through advocacy, education, and outreach. As we Rally to unify the voices of Michigan Citizens impacted by the health crisis of addiction and the organizations working to CHANGE the way Addiction and Recovery are perceived and treated all over the country.

Thanks to Josh for bringing LifeRing to this yearly event!


Additional photos of the United to Face Addiction Michigan Rally:

Image of MIchigan Capitol building during UFAM RallyImage of LifeRIng convenor Josh and colorful friend at the UFAM RallyImage of UFAM encampment in front of MI Capital Building