LifeRing Year in Review

LifeRing Dives in Our New Year with a Big Splash!


June 5th was the start of the LifeRing Administrative Year. What better way to kick off our Summer Splash Fundraiser than with a Year in Review?

LifeRing Convenors, Volunteers and generous LifeRing Donors contributed so much good last year!

  • Online meeting attendance has grown dramatically supporting an average of 200 people every day!
  • We currently offer over 80 online meetings every week and our in-person meetings are gaining momentum.
  • LifeRing is now being recognized as a strong resource by the Mayo Clinic, UCSF, Stanford Hospital and Johns Hopkins.
  • We’re adding new focus meetings every month to support people in recovery within unique subgroups.

We couldn’t have done all this without all of  you! Thank you!

Please take a look at our 2022 LifeRing Annual Report featuring some of the LifeRing highlights since our last Summer Splash Fundraiser. This report also provides a peek at a Top Secret project our Tech Team is working on.

If you want to support the continued success of LifeRing, please consider a One Time or Recurring Donation:

Donation Box -- Please support LifeRing as we support those searching for substance use recovery

Your generous donation helps us support those like ourselves who are struggling with substance use disorder. Your gift will be used to fund in-person meeting start-up kits, new meeting venues, and new member outreach. All donations are tax-deductible.

Please keep an eye out for our Summer Newsletter highlighting the 2022 LifeRing Conference, new focus meetings and other great items of interest are made possible by your thoughtful contribution!

With endless gratitude and best wishes!
The 2022 LifeRing Annual Conference Committee Volunteers