LifeRing Summer Newsletter

LifeRing Celebrates a Great Summer

LifeRing Summer 2021 Newsletter

Here we are in the full heat of Summer! Lots of awesome things have been happening since the flurries of December. This is an exciting time for LifeRing. We’re adding new meetings, new committees and (at long last) a new LifeRing introductory pamphlet for distribution this month! We held our 2021 Annual Meeting in June and had over 90 registered attendees. What a great year so far! Keep reading for a recap of some of the highlights to date for 2021.

2020 Fundraising Drive

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the LifeRing 2020 Fundraising Drive! As of January 1, 2021, everyone who contributed to LifeRing in 2020 helped us raise $32,070.00 for the year. Donations made during the 2020 Season of Giving more than doubled our goal of $7,000. Thank you!

We are so grateful and excited about these results. Your donations have helped us overcome the deficit of lost F2F meeting contributions and the surge of technology costs resulting from Covid. Many thanks to the new Fundraising Committee who organized this drive and to all of those who contributed to make this our best fundraising drive ever. Click here if you would like to make a donation

Get Involved and Give Back

You don’t have to be a donor to contribute to LifeRing. There are so many ways you can help others by volunteering

LifeRing has dynamic committees always looking for new participants with fresh ideas. Take a peek behind the scenes and explore where to get your volunteer on!

  • BOD  
    We’re looking for talented and conscientious volunteer board members to lead and strengthen our programs for people struggling with sobriety as well as to assist in preparing individuals with six months or more of continuous recovery to begin convening meetings. If you can contribute your time, thoughtfulness, and leadership one Sunday morning a month, and are interested in being on a committee working on a specific initiative we'd love to talk with you.

  • Finance
    Oversight of LifeRing’s fiscal matters. Responsible for managing the annual budget, analyzing data related to incoming and outgoing expenditures. Ensuring that the financial elements of LifeRing are in accord with its vision and mission. Reports monthly accounts to the Board of Directors.

  • Fundraising, Marketing & Communications
    The FMC is packed with waterways for volunteers to get their feet wet. Interested in Fundraising? FMC drives major and minor themed fundraising and grant proposals. Are you a Marketing genius? Of course you are! FMC oversees public relations, branding, advertising, and social media. Communications is a kayak on the Klamath River. We enhance communications with convenors, volunteers, donors, LifeRing friends, and general recovery community professionals all while being buffeted about by whitewater from all sides. If you’re a good swimmer, we’d love to bring you onboard!

  • Meetings and Convenor Support
    The Meetings and Convenor Support Committee is made up of folk from various backgrounds creating and advancing interactive programs to enhance the 3-S LifeRing experience.

  • Outreach
    The Outreach Committee aspires to raise awareness about LifeRing Secular Recovery to those who struggle with alcohol and substance use disorder.

  • Website
    The Website Committee maintains an evolving, user-friendly website that promotes the LifeRing message through compelling content, optimization strategies and robust member support portals.

For more ways to help LifeRing, click here.

LifeRing Meetings are Growing

Another way to contribute is by convening a LifeRing Meeting. LifeRing meeting attendance has escalated 583% since this time last year. There is an obvious need for new convenors and new meetings to support diversity and the exponential growth of the LifeRing Community.

If you are active in LifeRing with 6 months continuous sobriety, please consider bringing your experience to others searching for a safe and nonjudgmental space to explore their recovery pathway.

LifeRing has hands-on, in-meeting, co-convenor opportunities available now. For more information, please reach out to your convenor directly or contact You can find details about starting a new meeting and the role of a convenor on the LifeRing Convenor webpage.

LifeRing now offers over 80 Online, Hybrid and Face-to-Face weekly meetings held across the world. 

New LifeRing Specialty Meetings

We are so proud to share three new specialty meetings created this year!

  • The Liver Spot  HWYW meeting with focus on recovery and SUD-related medical conditions

Did you know?

 LifeRing has global reach with active international meetings held in:

We’ll leave you to enjoy the wisdom of LifeRing co-founder Marty Nicolaus and the Aloha spirit with our own Chet G

Thank you!